FVCmanagement has engaged the services of HomeWiseDocs to distribute the statute mandated disclosure documents that Sellers are to provide to their purchaser.  

Also available from HomeWiseDocs are Lender Questionnaires ( for new purchases and re-financing) and replacement of Governing Documents at the posted cost.  

Statement of Accounts are available with a written request to brooke@fvcmanagement.com. There is a $25.00 fee for this service which may be assessed to the Owner's account, or required to be paid upon receipt.

The Requestor may place their order on the HomeWiseDocs website or by submitting the completed Request for Resale Certificate/Disclosure Packet form to FVCmanagement by email to Admin@fvcmanagement.com,or hand delivery to our office located at 59 Culpeper Street,Warrenton, VA.

A Seller of a condominium unit or a lot subject to the Property Owners Association (POA) Act shall provide a Resale Certificate (condo) or a Disclosure Packet (POA) to a contract purchaser prior to settlement, per the Code of Virginia. One of the items required in the mandated disclosure documents is an inspection of the property. 

Please be aware that by requesting a mandatory disclosure document the Requestor is acknowledging the following:

  • Entry within or upon the unit/lot during daylight hours by the Association or Managing Agent for the purpose of conducting a compliance inspection of the unit/lot and any modifications thereon, relative to the Association’s governing documents and rules, regulations and architectural guidelines.
  • Entry to determine if the unit/lot is in compliance and to make a representation to that effect in the requested resale documents. If the lot is secured by a fence or the property is a unit requiring an interior inspection, the Requestor shall schedule with FVCmanagement within 2 business days of their request and provide access during the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Thursday and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Friday.
  • If there is non-compliance for access to perform the inspection, the request will be delayed beyond the requirements of the law.

NOTE :  The Property Owner is responsible for incurred costs.  Settlement instructions are to be requested for all costs assessed and collected at settlement then forwarded to FVCmanagement post settlement. Failure to settle or collect funds at settlement within forty-five (45) days of  document delivery will cause the Association to assess the property’s account for any balance due.

 The Resale Certificate/Disclosure Packet  will be delivered as instructed (electronic or hardcopy format) within fourteen (14) days  of the request.  At the option of FVCmanagement, an expedite request (within 5 business days) may be available at the cost listed on HomeWiseDocs website and on the Request Form.


All information available from HomeWise is provided directly from FVCmanagement.